Our Team

Shem Rajoon (CEO/Co-Founder)

Inspired by the movie, “Only the Strong” when he was just a child, Shem Rajoon experimented with capoeira for the first time in the front yard of his home and went on to help inspire, empower, and educate thousands of youth in the practice throughout New York City. Rajoon was introduced to Parkour in 2004, and was initially drawn to the way practitioners interacted with their environment. Training in capoeira and Parkour has helped Rajoon generate a unique style of maneuvering through his environment.

As Parkour’s popularity grew Shem and his team was approached by Crunch Fitness in 2008 to begin teaching Parkour as group fitness instructors throughout Crunch’s New York City facilities. Shem later initiated the Parkour program at the Chelsea Piers Gymnastics Field House along with Luciano Acuna Jr as the head Parkour instructors. Today Shem and Luciano continue to teach hundreds of future practitioners with a keen focus on health and fitness.

Luciano Acuna Jr. (Vice President/Co-Founder)

Luciano began his athletic journey much earlier than most. As a kid he ran, climbed, and jumped off of furniture around the house. In Junior High he joined the gymnastics program amongst several other recreational activities under the guidance of Dennis Kasten. In high school Luciano joined the Grand Street Campus Wolves Wrestling team coached by the revered John Zarcone also known as Coach Z and his assisting coaches Coach Lightfoot and Coach K, through which the team became an undefeated city champions.

Never forgetting his roots in tumbling and acrobatics, he returned to gymnastics with great force after graduating, and was introduced to the newly renowned sport of Parkour and free-running by his childhood friend Angel Biez. Since that time, he has been expanding on everything the discipline has to offer.

Luciano was invited to tumble as one of the “Knicks Acroback Tumblers” by the team captain Rayshine Harris, USA’s 12 time Power Tumbling Champion. According to the fans The Acroback Tumblers are said to be the best entertainment at the Knicks games. Executing electrifying tumbling routines and high flying mini trampoline dunk routines. It’s now his third year performing at The Garden.

After countless hours of extensive training, in conjunction with Shem and Masi, Luciano began the process of educating hundreds of the Parkour hopefuls from the NYC area and beyond at Chelsea Piers. Looking to ever further not only the knowledge of others but his own, Luciano will use Bklyn Beast to continue to inspire and live by the lifestyle he did as child, forever testing and experimenting all junctions of movement.


Parkour Team

Jesse Danger (Lead Parkour Instructor)

Basilio Montilla (Quiet)

Richie Rodriguez

Caitlin Pontrella

Alexa M.

Capoeira Team

Omi Hill (Contra-Mestre Omi)

Shem Rajoon (Caiman)

Aaron Anaya (Sete)

JonMichael Laccia (Malandro)

Nicole (Maninha)

Brandon Johnson (Faisão)

Alex Delo

Dance Team

Jeff Selby



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